I told you Monday that Betty White had been invited to the Marine Corps Ball by Sgt. Ray Lewis via YouTube video.  Since two other marines had successfully gained "star" dates this way he decided to try as well.  Unfortunately, Ms. White declined Lewis' offer.  However, another star has offered to go in her place. 

Betty White says she was flattered by Lewis' invitation but will be unable to attend due to her work schedule on her sitcom "Hot in Cleveland". However,  Linda Hamilton, best known for her role as Sarah Connor in the Terminator movies, says "take ME".

Hamilton is friends with White and talked with her on the phone for an hour and says she knows White feels horrible about not being able to go and so, in her place,  she would love to go with Lewis if he can't find anyone else to take.

Hamilton makes her own video, spoofing Lewis' video in the beginning of her own.  Hamilton was pretty buff during her Terminator days so Lewis might get a run for his money with this "mature" lady.

I have to say this years Marine Ball will be one for the history books, and may take on an "Oscars" feel.  They will have to roll out the red carpet with all the stars showing up!

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