One of my favorite things to do outside, and one I actually do all year long, is playing disc golf. Luckily, there are several courses to play on in the Abilene area.

  • Cal Young Park

    Cal Young is the first disc golf course in Abilene and the first park I ever played at. The 18 hole course is flat and fairly open for the most part. However several trees and a creek will come into play on holes 11,12, and 13. Plus you will have a few streets (out of bounds) to deal with. Cal Young is an excellent course to play on, plus, there are also several tournaments that the Abilene Disc Golf Association holds there. Check out the links below for the park location and other information.

    Photo By Alan Rogers
  • Wildcat Disc Golf Course

    Built in 2009 and located on the ACU campus, Wildcat Disc Golf course is a 9 hole course with one of them being the longest hole in Abilene at 650 feet. It also sports one of the highest elevated tee boxes in town that overlooks the Abilene skyline. The layout is good with several slopes and hills. We usually will just play this course twice to get 18 holes in.

    Photo by Alan Rogers
  • Will Hair Park

    Will Hair Park is an 18 hole course that is probably one of the more challenging courses in Abilene. Several trees, a wooded area, and a creek all come into play. There are some holes that you can "let it rip" and use some power, but for the most part, this is a course you will want to use some finesse on. Follow the links below for more information on Will Hair Park.

    Photo by Alan Rogers
  • Newman Park in Sweetwater

    Located in Sweetwater, Texas, this course offers up 18 holes to throw.There are many slopes and some pretty wicked trees to throw around, not to mention a winding creek. On one of the tee boxes, there is a huge tree directly in front of it that has to be challenge to drive around. The course itself looks to be pretty secluded and has a very promising layout. Follow the link below for the location of Newman Park.

  • Johnson Park at Lake Fort Phantom

    Johnson Park out at Lake Fort Phantom is the newest course in the area. Fortunately, the lake does not come into play with this course. However, several trees and cactus may make for a long game - especially if you lose a disc in the cactus. I suggest you take one of those long reach pick-up grippers because the cactus may bite ya if you're not careful. You definitely have to throw with caution on this course.

    Disc Golf Course Review
  • Rocky Hills - Private Course

    Rocky Hills is a private course near Ovalo, Texas. The course offers 18 holes, some of which are the most challenging holes in our area. Steep hills and lots of trees make for a very challenging round of disc golf. Trust me, this course is a complete workout. Since it is a private course, if you want to play a round, contact Cam at 325-370-5795.

    Photo by Chaz
  • Home

    You can always buy a basket and put that bad boy in your backyard, especially if you can't find the time to get to one of these courses, or just need the practice. If you're new to disc golf and need some information how to play, what discs to use, or what basket to get for your own backyard, check out the links below.

    Photo by: Chaz