Amanda Seyfried appears nude in 'Lovelace' - this we pretty much knew, considering it's a biopic based on the life of legendary adult film star Linda Lovelace. While some audience members at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival premiere were taken aback by the nudity, Seyfried herself didn't think much of it and spoke out about any potential controversy.

'Lovelace' opened to mixed reviews at Sundance but that didn't stop the film from being picked up by The Weinstein Co. for a release later this year.

Seyfried's nude scenes weren't a problem for her when she signed on to star in the film. "[Appearing nude] didn’t scare me at all. I wanted to jump right into all that kind of stuff," she told MTV. And while "Amanda Seyfried nude!" might be a selling point for the movie, the actress hopes audiences get more out of the film than that:

I just hope that nobody grabs onto the fact that there are a lot of boobs and stuff. I don’t want that. I didn’t notice them at all. I didn’t because there was so much else going on. And you know what’s funny? My friends all had incredible things to say just after the movie, and my sister’s like "There’s just so many boobs!"

'Lovelace' - which also stars Juno Temple, James Franco, Peter Sarsgaard and Sharon Stone - was picked up at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival for $3 million and is expected to hit theaters this fall.

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