Sundance’s quieter-than-quiet crime drama Rectify announced long ago that Season 4 would represent the last for Daniel Holden (figuratively, anyway) and at last we know when the convicted killer will plead his last. Sundance has set an official October premiere for the final eight-episode run, promising answers along with its first trailer.

Now set for an October 26 premiere, the eight-episode final season will pick up months after the Season 3 finale, featuring Daniel in a halfway house in Nashville after accepting his banishment from Georgia. For those yet to catch up on the series, the first three seasons will be available on Netflix as early as August 1.

Speaking at the TCA press tour, creator Ray McKinnon wouldn’t divulge if Rectify Season 4 would necessarily divulge the show’s central mystery, but nonetheless offered a cryptic tease:

There’s that issue, and hopefully by the end of the season how we deal with that will leave you, in a ‘Rectify’ way, satisfied. Maybe for some people it will, some people it won’t.

The critically-acclaimed final run will arrive on October 26, but will Rectify finally satisfy its loyal advocates?

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