Rocker Tom Petty had harsh words for the state of modern country music a while back. While ssome of today's country artists disagreed with Petty and poo-pooed his opinion because he's a rock musician, country legend Alan Jackson has weighed in with a similar opinion.

Before you start to think Alan Jackson is starting to sound like a cranky old man, know that he admits there's a lot of great music to be found on country radio. But the 2-time Grammy winner feels it's lacking "real rootsy, traditional stuff". Also known as real country music. Alan told the Baltimore Sun, "Right now, it seems like it's gone", and that he misses the "country stuff" and wonders if it'll ever come back. Jackson goes on to say:

"I don't know if it'll ever be back on mainstream radio. You can't get it played anymore. It's always been that constant pop-country battle. I don't think it's ever going to change. It's not that I'm against all that's out there. There's some good music, good songwriting and good artists out there, but there's really no country stuff left."

It will be interesting to see if current country stars have as harsh a response to Jackson as they did with Tom Petty. With 35 number 1 country hits, it's impossible to knock his credibility.

Alan's new bluegrass project is said to be "rootsier" than he's ever been before. 'The Bluegrass Album' will be available on September 24th.

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