Abilene Independent School District's Chief Communications Officer Lance Fleming says "AISD will do whatever it takes to assist parents and children within the school district to prepare for at home schooling. The district wide curriculum begins Monday, March 23rd, 2020."

For families that do not have the hardware and/or resources to educate kids at home, they'll be outfitted with a laptop (one per household) and wifi. As for the online curriculum, students will need to log onto AbileneISD.org to start studying from home.

Parents of students pre-K through 8th grade and students 9th-12th grade can obtain laptops by contacting the AISD hotline at 325-794-AISD (325-794-2473). From there you can make an appointment to pick up the Chromebook from the school district.

Meals (breakfast and lunch) will also be provided. Lance said "it doesn't matter if they are getting free or reduced lunches. Every child in the district will be fed regardless. The only limitation is, that only up to 6 meals will be dispensed per car and the children do not have to be in the vehicle as originally stated."

Breakfast will be available for pick up, from 7am-9am and lunch will be available from 11am-1pm Monday-Friday at Bowie, Johnston and Martinez Elementary Schools and at Craig, Clack, Madison and Mann Middle Schools.

Lance says "parents can contact us anytime via the AISD Hotline 794-AISD weekdays from 8am to 5pm or online anytime at AbileneISD.org."

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