Friday Adam Fears dropped by the station to deliver his new self titled C.D. and I asked him how he felt after he found out about the passing of the late George Jones. The reason I asked is because Adam was co-writer for the Billboard Charted song "The Gospel According To Jones." The song was recorded by Eric Lee Beddingfield and the video featured George Jones. In 2011 the music video was one of Billboards Top Video Picks of the year. Tears began to well up in Adams eyes, I could clearly see the passing of George still hurt so he turned to talking about his music instead.

As success continues to come Adam's way he's writing songs and perform live, never losing focus of what he set out to do when he graduated from Texas A&M. Fears did share one song that didn't make the current C.D. but will be in the final cut.

Adam said "This song called 'Golden Gravel Road' is a true story, it's about my grandpa and his place and the time he told me that his place in heaven will have a big front porch with a golden gravel road leading up to it." At the end of the day, Fears always gives credit to God for getting him where he is today and insists that he’s the same person he was when it all started. “I’m just a country boy from a little farm in east TX who found that a guitar struck a chord with me more than I ever did with it. I’ve got a few more miles on me now, but I don’t reckon I’ll ever change. I’m never late, I drink my coffee black, and it’d be my pleasure to meet you.”


By the end of the interview I had talked Adam into sending me a copy to share with you.

This is Adam Fears - Golden Gravel Road