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The Abilene Crosstown Showdown Is a true fight to the finish battle of the year here in the Key City. For as long as I can remember the Abilene HighCooper High footbal game is the most attended, talked about, and divisive rivalry game in all of West Texas, if you ask me.

The old saying about Friday night lights is that "the stars shine bright on Friday night" (or something close to it) and as I recall that was written on the wall in the locker room when I was at Abilene High in athletics class. Besides, only in Texas, does the Athletics period serve as an actual class during the school day. Thus, proving our obvious obsession we have for Friday night high school football in Texas.

From the very beginning in 1961, Cooper High School (CHS) has been a stout competitor for Abilene High School (AHS). I recall years when Abilene High School would be having a winning season until the Cooper High School game and that would be the only loss during the regular season.

In February 2022 The Abilene High Eagles were dropped Back to a Class 5A Division I School

The 62nd "Crosstown Showdown" is coming up on Friday, September 2nd at 7 PM. Abilene High Eagles will host the Abilene Cooper Cougars in this non-conference game. This past February the UIL biennial realignment dropped the Abilene High Eagles to a Class 5A Division I school.

Nonetheless, this promises to be one fierce battle for supremacy over the Key City. Tickets for this 62nd Crosstown Showdown can be purchased beginning at 8 AM Monday of the game week up until 12 PM on game day. You can purchase tickets online here.

By the way, in the last ten years, the battle is even. However, since the battle began in 1961 the Cooper Cougars lead with a total of 36 wins while Abilene High Eagles have only 24 wins and there was that one year they tied. Good luck to both teams!

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