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There are 27 parks in Abilene that span over 1,000 acres. We in the Key City are very fortunate to have the number, variety, quality, and expanse of public parks the City of Abilene makes available to us.

I am of the opinion that our City leaders are very inclusive when building new or expanding our public park areas. Here's why people of all ages visit and/or use the park areas and splash pads.

Abilene's playgrounds are for young and old alike take into account that not all the playgrounds have swings, teeter-totters, merry-go-rounds, and slides. Some feature waterworks and/or statuary or large art sculptures and areas that offer a place to relax. There is even a playground for dogs, and all are handicap accessible.

Furthermore, if you want to act like the park and/or playground is all yours, you can. Abilene has several facilities that you can rent, one particular place (and my personal favorite) is in Nelson Park's Festival Gardens. The Garden has its own playground, indoor kitchen, sand volleyball pit, outdoor basketball court, and so much more.

Moreover, (at an additional cost)  the Abilene zoo is right across the parking lot from Nelson Parks Festival Gardens. While these are some of my favorite parks and playgrounds in the Abilene area, they are not all that the City of Abilene has to offer.

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Want to make the most out of your spring break and/or summer vacation? Gather your family and friends and find which park best suits your needs and likes.

Be aware that there are hours of operation, alcohol, language, and behavior restrictions throughout park areas. Go to the City of Abilene Parks and Recreation website for all the details.

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