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Get ready to get wet and have fun. Abilene's Parks and Recreation Department are preparing to open up our super-fun splash pads for the 2022 season. The opening date for all our Abilene Splash Pads is Saturday, April 22, 2023.

The City of Abilene has a theme for its Splash Pads opening and it's called "Splashdown at Pirate Pete’s Five Separate Splash Islands" The best part is since they are all located at city parks throughout Abilene it's free. You'll find the parks and addresses listed below.

Abilene Splash Pads are open every day, from dawn to dusk, and recapture and recycle approximately 90% of the water that is used at all splash pads. Please be aware that the recaptured water is chemically treated and reused providing a fun, safe, and water-conservative environment for everyone to enjoy.

Nelson Splash Pad
2070 Zoo Lane Abilene, TX

Redbud Splash Pad
3125 S 32nd Street, Abilene, TX

Sears Splash Pad
2250 Ambler Avenue, Abilene, TX

Stevenson Splash Pad
441 East North 7th Street, Abilene, TX

Scarborough Splash Pads
5402 Hartford Street, Abilene, TX

Splash Pad Season Runs From April Through October

These awesome splash pads provide a ton of different water features for all ages, ranging from water sprayers to slides to massive dumping buckets, and are free to the community to enjoy as you'll witness in the video directly below.

Hotter weather is on its way and that being said, the City of Abilene Parks and Recreation Division invites you and the kids to come and have some free fun. Enjoy!

Be aware that the splash pads are open to everyone except pets of any kind. No dogs or cats are permitted on or near the water. Remember to respect others, play nice, and have fun.

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