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I was recently doing a little research on Abilene's job market when I ran across this press release from about a week ago, Abilene receiving national recognition as one of the "Top 10 Cities for Economic Development" in America. It was the Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA) that shared the good news about the Key City.

In the top 10 nationwide Abilene was recognized as #8 in the country in economic development for populations under 200,000, according to results in annual rankings by Site Selection Magazine. This recognition marks the first time Abilene made the top 10 in the country since the award’s inception.

The President and CEO of the DCOA, Misty Mayo said “We are very honored to receive this recognition. The hard work and dedication of our team, partners, local officials, and the state legislature have made this possible. We are proud to say the future of Abilene, Texas is definitely bright.”

Furthermore, Governor Abbott held a press conference to announce the Governor’s Cup was awarded to the Lone Star State for the tenth year in a row for having the most economic development projects of any state in the U.S.

Governor Abbott says: “As we celebrate the resurgence of the mighty Texas economy, we look to our future with high expectations of an even brighter, more prosperous future for generations of Texans,” 2021 was a historical year for the DCOA’s economic development in Abilene that included seven projects, over $2.6 billion capital investment, and estimated more than $5.7 billion in economic impact.
Source: DCOA Press Release

As Abilene continues to grow more and more business will continue to pour into Abilene. This means a more vibrant, profitable, and prosperous city. That's why I always say "I love to live in Abilene and I live to love in Abilene.

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