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Abilene's Philharmonic Orchestra (APO) has just revealed who their new Executive Director is. The former Abilene Philharmonic Executive Director (ED), Kevin Smith told the APO board of directors that he was stepping down because he had accepted a position with Artis-Naples a center for the arts in Southwest Florida.

Smith completed the 2022 concert season and stepped down from his position with the Abilene Philharmonic on June 13th. The new Executive Director for The Abilene Philharmonic Association is Gerard Gibbs and will begin on Monday, August 15th.

Gibbs comes with a wealth of experience in orchestra management as well as being a professional oboist. Gerard's main background is in orchestra management, theatre management, and professional musician performing with orchestras in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Calgary, and The Waverly Consort, an American premiere ensemble.

While in Canada Gibbs gained National and International attention

Gibbs was also the co-founder of the Fort MacLeod International Chamber Music Festival in southern Alberta, Canada. While there, he conducted performing arts programs amassing national and international attention.

Gerard also formed an impressive long-term relationship with tribal leaders of the Piikani and Piegan Blackfoot Nations. The new Executive Director for the Philharmonic has a very impressive resume and is looking forward to working with the APO's Conductor David Itkin once again.

Gibbs stated, “I am very pleased, to have the opportunity to work once more with David Itkin and I look forward to getting to know the players, the audience, and the full range of people and places in and around Abilene.” Source: APO

Mandy Gollihar, Board president, said that the orchestra “is in a good position in the community, with engaged audiences and strong financial support. Mr. Gibbs is the right person to lead us forward in realizing the next phase of great music-making for Abilene and the Big Country.”

Director Gibbs is moving to the Key City with his wife, his seven-year-old son, and their dog Komodor. Let's all give him a warm West Texas welcome.

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