Several hours ago I was handed the keys to a brand new 2011 Chevy Volt.

And my birthday isn't until Thursday. I want to pinch myself, is this for real?

Here's the scoop. I am to drive it for a few days and give them feed back on the car. At first I thought "an electric car, all I've ever heard was how much like a golf cart they are, but this is the day of reckoning, time to see if all those rumors I've ever heard are true."

Anyone that has ever said anything to me about hybrids or electric cars I would ask, "Do you own one? Have you driven one for any length of time?".

The answers were always the same, "no but my mothers friends cousin once valet parked one."

Don't elaborate unless you are making the note payment on one of these jewels or to say the least, test driving one for art least a few days.

OK enough about that, time to get into the new 2011 Chevy Volt. First off, it reminds me of a fine European sports car, complete with leather and wood amenities. The dashboard is like that of a fighter jet cockpit with every control at your fingertips.

The Volt utilizes touch screen technology for just about everything. You want air? Touch the screen. You want heated seats? Touch the screen. You want navigation? Again touch the screen. Want to change the traction control or go from luxury to sport driver mode, it's all there.

This car is the benchmark. All other car manufacturers pay attention here.  There is absolutely NOTHING about this car that says electric or club car or golf cart.

This car screams "drive me".

Treat me like the other girls, because this car gets up to 80, 85 even 90 mph.

When hopping onto the Winters Freeway it was just like my Mazda with the high performance Miller-S engine with over 326 hp. It was 0 - 60+ in a matter of seconds.

The only person that knew it was an electric car was the guy behind the wheel, me. I kept saying "this is totally insane how can this be?"

It's electric and yet zippy fast and passes by all the gas stations with a certain swagger, as if to say, "you old dinosaurs need to go away I am the future and I am here!".

Truly a phenomenal car that has me talking to the dealership asking "where do I sign?", I got to get me one of these!