The 70's group that made songs like 'A Horse With No Name', 'Ventura Highway', 'Tin Man', 'Lonely People' and 'Sister Golden Hair' is back this year with a little Holiday cheer, in the form of a Christmas song called 'Christmas In California.' America was more of a folk-rock band that was (back in the 70's) primarily made up of three members Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek. Today 'America' continues to tour but with Dewey and Gerry only, Dan Peek who quit the band in 1978 died in 2011. Check it out, because I think the guys captured that unique 70's America sound, with some 'Beach Boys' harmonies mixed in. You be the judge.

America continues to tour and record, last years album release entitled 'Back Pages', was a collection of twelve songs that covered music from Bob Dylan to Joni Mitchell the Gin Blossoms and others. The entire album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with the help of Nashville's hottest and top studio musicians. Both Dewey and Gerry must like the feel and sound they're getting in Nashville because they're also utilizing the Nashville music machine to help promote their new Christmas tunes.

This is 'Christmas in California by America

Photo by Cory Schwartz/Getty Images