With it being Friday the 13th, all the creepy superstitions about unfortunate things that have happened in Texas come to mind. The website OnlyInYourState.com put a list together of a lot of bad stuff that's gone down here in Texas.

Many of the things the website mentioned reminded me of the events we as humans did not have control over. Some of the man-made disasters that happened - those horrific events could have been avoided if we had paid closer attention.

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However, what gets my undivided attention are the circumstances we refer to as "natural disasters". Most all were weather-related. Since Texas is currently in the middle of what is referred to as "hurricane season", I think we must all remember what happened, and do our best to prepare so it doesn't happen again.

We need to help one another out. When I was a kid, I recall times when the city would allow its citizens to run to City Hall's basement and hunker down for safety's sake.

A lot of horrific disasters appear to have happened during hurricane season. That, coupled with the ominous Friday the 13th, let's consider some of the disasters that have taken many lives in the Lone Star State.

Top 5 Horrific Disasters That Occurred In Texas:

  1. The deadliest disaster in the history of the United States was the Galveston Hurricane of 1900. This storm is believed to have killed 8,000-12,000 people. Because of this storm, the city and state built a sea wall to help save lives.
  2. The Galveston Hurricane of 1915 didn't claim as many lives as its predecessor 15 years prior. But 275 still died. The experts of the day claimed the sea wall helped save lives.
  3. In the most current of times, Tropical Storm Allison occurred in 2001, killing 55 Texans. This storm is believed to have caused over $10 billion dollars in damage.
  4. The Central Floods of Texas occurred in 1921 and claimed over 250 lives, causing nearly $20 million in damages. The cause of the rains was believed to be a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico.
  5. Another modern-day hurricane was Hurricane Rita, which happened in 2005. Rita took 120 lives and was estimated to cost over $8 billion dollars in damages.
    Source: Only in Your State.com

There were also two Waco tornadoes and several natural epidemic disasters that have taken their toll on Texas throughout history. Nonetheless, we in Texas have learned and become stronger people and a stronger state, in light of those horrific disasters.

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