Snack time was and probably still is the best part of the day for a pre-schooler. Nap time might run a close second. Now what if one of the kids brought snacks for the whole class that would be even better, except in this case. A 4 year old brought 9 small bags of pot to share with his class.

Now that's a good snack time!! The 4 year old didn't really know what he was bringing but he was ready to share that's for sure. The boy goes to Hanover Elementary School in Meriden, Connecticut. He went to class and told his teacher that at snack time he wanted to share with the class and preceded to pull out 9 baggies of pot. The teacher quickly took them from him and yes she turned them over to the principal who notified authorities. (There was no after school party!)

The authorities have launched an investigation into the matter and child protective services is also looking into the matter. No arrests have been made yet and the parents and child's names are not being released at this time.

Can you imagine the look on the teachers face when he pulled out 9 baggies of weed? Priceless!