A 65 year old Massachusetts man received a double hand transplant; and all he wants to do is feel his grandkid's faces.The operation took place last week at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Richard Mangino of Revere, Massachusetts went through a 12 hour surgery to replace both of his hands. He lost both hands and his lower legs in 2002 from a blood infection. They were amputated in order to safe his life.

This makes the third successful hand transplant in the United States. This particular hospital has had much success with transplants in general. Most recently being in the headlines for the face transplant performed on Charla Nash, the woman who was attacked by a chimpanzee. They have also had other hand and face transplants that changed the lives of the recipients.

There was a 40 person team that was in on the surgery that gave two new hands, from an anonymous donor, to Mangino.

He thanked the family of the donor first and foremost for this incredible gift he was given. Although he lost four of his limbs and faces months of therapy to regain muscle movement it's being able to touch and play with his grandchildren is still what he looks forward to most.

"The one miracle I have prayed for, since my oldest grandson Trevor was born, was to be able to feel the sense of touch again. To touch his and Nicky's little faces, and stroke their hair, and to teach them to throw a ball. To me, that would be a miracle."