She's 101 years young and Margaret Dunning still changes the oil and spark-plugs in her car, an original 1930 straight-8 740-Packard. Dunning not only services her fist car, but enjoys driving it on a regular basis (about a half dozen times a year), she's been known to give friends and family rides or help them run errands. Two timeless classics that get around and cause many onlookers to do a double-take.
In reality the car is younger that it's owner, who's been driving since she was 12 years old. Ms. Dunning acquired the Packard in 1949 and has maintained it ever since, along with four other vehicles she owns, three Cadillac's and her 1931 Model A Ford that she acquired from a family friend and neighbor Henry Ford. I wonder what Mr. Ford would think of her owning three Cadillacs?
Source: New York Times