So your kids are back in school, which is great for you, considering you now have some peace and quiet around the house. You've bought them new pens and notebooks, and sent them on their way. Here's hoping that this year is a great one!

You're sure your kids will excel in school this year, and the best way to make sure that'll happen is by attending Parent-Teacher Night. Unfortunately, this is extremely boring. Lucky for you we've come up with a list of 10 ways to make Parent-Teacher Night more interesting:

1.  Pretend to have a terrible short-term memory, and repeat the same questions over and over.

2.  Present the teacher with a list of your child's "triggers."

3.  Tell the teacher she's been pronouncing your child's name wrong this entire time. ("It's Bil-LAY, not Billy.")

4.  Insist on sitting in the back of the classroom "'cause that's where the cool kids sit."

5.  Ask the teacher, "Is this going to be on the exam?"

6.  Come with your very own dunce hat.

7.  Insist that your child needs to sit in the EXACT MIDDLE of the classroom in order to pay attention. Then, offer to measure the classroom for her.

8.  Bring three apples with you, and tell the teacher if she can juggle them she can keep them.

9.  Bring your iPad and Facetime your child so he knows how much trouble he's in when you get home.

10.  Bring the teacher a list of things she can improve on, per your child's request.

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