Americans found out on Wednesday what Mitt Romney has planned if he becomes president: He will cut funding for PBS, effectively firing Big Bird.

Romney still claims to "love Big Bird," he just says the country can't afford to pay for the channel. In this economy, our large, yellow feathered friend better start looking for a new job now just in case Romney follows through with his threat. Here are 10 jobs Big Bird should apply for once Romney fires him:

1.  Apple picker

2.  Counselor for an imaginary friends support group

3. Professional hitchhiker

4.  Preschool teacher

5.  Coal miner

6.  Social worker (for the "poor kids")

7.  Presidential debate moderater (sorry, Jim Lehrer)

8.  Start a reality show with Big Ang

9.  A spot on 'Yo Gabba Gabba'

10.  Bert and Ernie's conflict mediator

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