It's almost time to cast your vote for the 2012 presidential election, and in some states it's important that you present valid photo I.D. Otherwise you could be prevented from casting your vote, which would deprive you of performing your civic duty.

Don't worry—we're here to help you! Here is a list of 10 forms of I.D. that won't be accepted on election day:

1.  Your "Omaha Steak of the Month" membership card

2.  A picture of yourself drawn by your cousin Bobby

3.  An ear of corn with glasses

4.  A letter of recommendation written by your grandmother

5.  Pulling up your Facebook page on your iPhone

6.  Your eighth-grade's baseball team's trading card

7.  Your mug shot

8.  The fortune from the fortune cookie you had last week

9.  Your deactivated MySpace account

10.  Your diploma to clown college

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