Isis Brantley is headed back to Dallas from Atlanta when she goes through airport security then is called back where the TSA agents pat down her afro for explosives. Seriously!

Isis says she is a frequent flyer of American Airlines and has never had a problem before. She's had this same hairdo for many years yet no one has ever given her a hair pat down.

She lives in Dallas and was headed home from Atlanta. She was at the Atlanta airport, had gone through security with no problem and was headed to her gate. The TSA agents then came after her and searched her hair right there in front of everyone. She says it was very embarrassing and she did go to the supervisor to complain. She was told it would be taken care of, too late to save her any face though. Isis is listed as a 'braidologist'/hairdresser in Dallas according to her Facebook page, so the woman knows hair!

When is it ever going to be enough. I think even if we all flew naked TSA would still have a problem and find something to search, although I really don't want to think about that.

Seriously, though, you search her hair for explosives after she's already gone through your regular security checks and scans. Did you really need to dig through her hair? Maybe they thought she was going to pull a Pam Grier/Foxy Brown and have a gun stuck up in her afro. I'm not sure, but I think that is pretty ridiculous.

If you aren't familiar with Foxy Brown and the famous scene where Pam Grier pulls the gun from her afro check out the official movie trailer here.