Singer/Songwriter William Clark Green is working on his third album, 'Rose Queen', which is scheduled to go on sale in March 2013. In anticipation of the release of the full CD, Green made a trip from his home base in Eastland, Texas to pay us a visit, tell a few jokes and play a new song for us live on the air.

WCG is known for bringing a lot of energy and laughter to any room he walks into, and his visit to the Afternoon Show on KEAN-105 was no exception. We started by getting some background, as well as high praise for the Wal Mart in Eastland, insisting he's never had to wait in line. Listen as he speaks with such conviction!

William Clark Green, Interview Segment 1

While Green's third CD, 'Rose Queen' isn't scheduled to be released until March, 2013, Green was in town to share the album's first single, 'It's About Time'. Here it is.

William Clark Green, 'It's About Time'

The second part of my conversation with William Clark Green included more in-depth discussion about 'It's About Time'. We also got a live acoustic performance of another song showing up on the new CD, 'She Likes The Beatles'. co-written with Brian Keane. Green called it "We kind of battled a little bit on it but we came out with a product that we were both super excited about and I think it's one of my favorite songs on the record, and I'm hoping it's a single". It's good. Take a listen here:

William Clark Green, Interview Segment 2

We wish WCG all the best with the upcoming CD, and hope he comes back to pay us a visit again real soon! Stay up to date with all of William Clark Green's live dates by going to his official website. Be sure to 'like' him on Facebook, too.

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