I love my DVR and I don't care who knows it. With my DVR, I can watch my favorite shows, sports and movies no matter how much life gets in the way of my love for the boob tube. Here's what's on my DVR, ready for me to watch the next time I get a chance.

  • 1

    The Voice

    I've made it clear that NBC's 'The Voice' is one of my guilty pleasures. But the show airs on Monday night. During football season. It's a guilty pleasure, not a reason to turn in my "Man Card". I watch football Monday, then watch 'The Voice' back-to-back on Tuesdays. This way, I can watch the performances and the voting results, all in one night! I know...my genius is showing.

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    Several Michigan Football Games

    Saturdays are busy for my family. The last thing I want to do is sit at home when we could be out having a good time. So, whenever my favorite team (Michigan) is actually televised in Texas, I DVR it and watch the game when the away-from-the-TV fun is done. One drawback:  I also have to avoid Facebook, because I guarantee several of my friends and family members will spoil the ending.

  • 3

    Team Umizoomi

    I have a 2 year old who rarely asks to watch TV. But when she does, she wants to watch one thing: Team Umizoomi. As you may know, 2-year old children have little concept of TV schedules. So I keep a couple shows saved in my beloved DVR, and much like the tiny superheroes in my daughter's favorite cartoon, I save the day.

  • 4

    CBS News Sunday Morning

    I've been watching Sunday Morning since I was a kid, and my son has grown to love it, too. The show is awesome. It also airs at the same time we go to church. Great show, but not worth going to hell for.

  • 5

    Troubadour, TX

    I don't even know when the show originally airs. I suppose it doesn't matter, thanks to my DVR. I never know when I'm going to see someone you know on this show (Rudy Fernandez), so I currently have 16 unwatched episodes of Troubadour, TX saved for when I'm darn good and ready to watch.

  • 6

    Blackberry Smoke: Live at the Georgia Theater

    I think I've watched this concert 10 times. I've liked Blackberry Smoke for years, but since the band came to the KEAN studios in March, my level of appreciation for the band has skyrocketed. I often rewind, and listen to 'Ain't Much Left of Me' several times when I watch this concert.

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    I regularly flip through the movie channels and record movies to watch later. My current DVR movie selections include 'The Green Mile', 'The Shawshank Redemption', and 'A League of Their Own'.