This weeks videos are all about monkeys. There are dancing monkeys, a monkey that has never seen it's own reflection and one brave monkey that decides it's fun to mess with a tiger.

This monkey apparently has no fear of an animal that could probably swallow it whole. In fact he thinks it's quite humorous to mess with the tiger; kinda like that annoying gnat that flies around your face. You can swat a million times and it still won't go away.

This video is a monkey that has never seen it's self before. It has a small compact mirror and when he turns it over what he sees scares him to death.

Well, these monkey's might not be real but they sure can dance. They do a little Irish clogging. Bet Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance) never worked with a group quite like this before.

They say monkeys are smart animals, as smart as humans in some ways. Guess that's true. They look pretty intelligent to me.