As Abilene prepares for the long-awaited return of Wade Bowen coming up on Friday night (11/29) at the Lucky Mule, the Texas singer/songwriter used some of his down time to talk with me about the show, his fans, CD and more in an exclusive interview.

The first part of my conversation with Wade included talking about whether his  "We've been working on new stuff and hopefully we'll have that out real soon. We've got the new single 'Songs About Trucks' that's done real well for 3 weeks at the top now of Texas radio and regional radio....CMT has been playing the video which we're really proud of, so yeah, it's been a good year, a good few months. It's been a lot of fun.". Bowen spoke specifically to how crazy it gets for him during the holidays, stating: "This time of year always gets a little hectic because you always start combining so much family life with our hectic schedules as well. With the holidays and all that coming up, there's just a lot more planning and a lot more things to think about. So we do that and then plan for the start of next year, which I'm really excited about 2014. We're gonna get get out around the rest of the country a lot more. We're gonna hit the west coast and the Northeast and all those things a lot more than we've ever done before, so it's a little scary but also exciting.". Here's part one of my conversation with Wade:

'The Given' is Bowen's latest album, and Wade discussed whether this album was steered in a different direction, or if it just naturally has a different sound from his previous albums. He says, "I just think I try to make the best record possible. And I think we're always going to make different records as long as we're trying to grow. Especially me as a songwriter you always try to grow. Whether that's becoming more mature, or whether it's having kids...whatever it may be I think it comes out in the record without us really having to try that hard. I think if we're just honest. I've always been honest with myself and honest with the fans with our music.". He also discussed how supportive his friends in music have been regarding his music, and how he supports them. Take a listen:

Wade talked about his relationship with his fans, and how much he appreciates them, even after 15 years and all the success he's seen. he also pointed out one of the strangest things he's ever autographed in part 3 of our conversation. Take a listen to find out what it was:

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