Tracy Lawrence is about to make a comeback with a new album being released tomorrow. He hit the music scene in 1991 with Sticks and Stones. Nine albums later and a few bumps in the road, Tracy is back with some great new music.Tracy headed to Nashville after attending college in Arkansas where he hoped his dreams would come true. With 22 songs on the Billboard charts, 18 number 1 hits and 13 million albums sold I think he can put a check beside that one.

However, it wasn't as easy as it sounds. Just before his Sticks and Stones album was released in '91, Tracy was shot 4 times during an attempted robbery. There were some domestic scuffles that resulted in a suspension by his record album. Tracy seemed to put all of that behind him and move on, concentrating on the music.

Tracy teamed with his brother to form their own record label and also released an album of Christian music. That album was nominated in 2009 for a Grammy.  All of that has led him to his newest album which takes the past into account, looks to the future and tips it's hat to radio.

Tracy's new album Headlights, Taillights And Radios is his first in studio album in 5 years. Of this new album, Tracy says:

I started recording in the direction to make a more traditional County record. But as time progressed, I needed to explore and challenge myself musically. I wanted to go deeper and try a more edgy and progressive sound that reflected where I was going next.

Tracy is hitting the road pretty hard in support of this new music, as well,  touring throughout Texas and the U.S. You will be able to purchase the highly anticipated album tomorrow April 22, 2014.