Chris Weaver isn't your typical singer/songwriter. Weaver has a unique, fresh sound that fringes on country, but has a whole lot of soul, rock and blues infused into each energy-filled song. When you take a listen to Weaver's CD, 'Standing In Line', you'll know what I mean.

Opening with the title track, 'Standing In Line' makes it clear from the start that the soulful, raspy-voiced Weaver knows what he's doing. It's obvious he has talent, and he's not new to the music scene. 'Tear Me Up' provides more of the same. Upbeat, soulful, and fun.

Then we come to 'Everything I Used To Be', a powerful ballad that showcases just about every strength in the Chris Weaver Band. It opens with Reed Pittman's soft piano intro, then Weaver with a softer side to his edgy vocals. As this tune ramps up, this song highlights Matt Iceman's drums, and a spot-on guitar solo from Cade Doyle. I love the dramatic tempo changes in this song and the emotional ride 'Everything I Used To Be' takes you on.

If you're looking for a song that's more country, 'Go Easy On Me' is the one for you. Understand that Chris Weaver is not a traditional country singer, and I don't think he's going to try to be something he's not. But the tempo and feel of this song can pack a dance floor at any honky tonk or dance hall. 'No Time To Cry' does the same does the same. If Weaver aspires to be a staple on country music radio, these two songs are a great start.

'So Damn Beautiful' is a love song with an interesting, fun outlook on a man's infatuation with a woman who he believes guessed damn beautiful.

'Blues Soul Rock And Roll' brings a 70's rock band feel. If you haven't made the comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, Joe Cocker or Van Morrison before, this song makes the parallels obvious. With a driving, steady beat, Weaver's vocals, well, weave in and out through 'Blues Soul Rock And Roll'.

'Ten Years' rounds off 'Standing In Line' in a soft, but by no means subtle way. If you're a sucker for a mushy ballad, consider 'Ten Years' to be your song.

'Standing In Line' flows like any good CD should. While there's no mistaking the Chris Weaver Band's sound, there's plenty of variety in the tempo and texture of the songs on 'Standing In Line' to keep your ears interested and wondering what's next.

Chris Weaver co-writes all but one of the songs on the 11-track 'Standing In Line', and he's a pretty damn good songwriter. Overall, Weaver is star quality. I can't guarantee his music fits any particular music genre perfectly, but I promise this guy has a ton of talent and deserves to be heard by music fans.

Check out the video for the title track to 'Standing In Line' here: