I love the ocean but since we don't live near one the lake is the next best thing. Don't be fooled, although we haven't had much rain Ft.Phantom still has plenty of water. The fish were jumping, the tubers were tubing and the skiers were skiing. Here's how I enjoyed my Sunday in the sun.

My honey and I headed out to Phantom for a day of just relaxing and getting away from everything. Dove season opens this week and deer season and colder weather will soon be here. We set out to enjoy the lake and boat while we can.

First off, as I said the water is great, it's low but there is still plenty of lake to have a good time on. The water was like glass, perfect for those who wanted to ski.

I learned to drive the boat. Well, I was allowed to go in a straight line across the lake to our little cove we picked out. Not allowed to dock or trailer the boat yet. I am allowed to pull the truck out though. It's a learning process, as I'm told.

I spent most of my time in the water. Floating. We used our life jackets like diapers to sit and just float around. As the game warden said "are you sitting in your jackets?" We said "Yes" He says "O-K y'all have fun".

It's also good to just let you float around and get some sun.

My honey fished and I read a book for a bit. Then the sun started going down so we sat and watched the sunset from the boat.

Then it was time to head home.
By the way you can use sunscreen allllllll day long. Sometimes it just doesn't help one bit. Apparently I need sunglasses that cover my whole face!

So that's how you do a Sunday! Loved every hot minute of it, can't wait to go again. Hope your weekend was just as relaxing. Now it's back to reality Monday; see you on the radio.