What football team needs to have a quarterback and receiver when you have a dude that can do both - at the same time? Check out this Texas high school football player who not only throws a football 45 yards down the field, but runs and catches it himself.

You read that right.

Manvel High School junior receiver, Gary Haynes, posted his video on Vine that shows him throwing a football far down the field, then run underneath it to catch it.

Watch this amazing pass and catch now.

According to MyFoxDFW, Gary has been working on his speed after already putting up great numbers this past Fall. He had 52 catches for 876 yards and 13 touchdowns. He not only is a wide receiver, but plays cornerback, runs back kickoffs and even rushes the ball from time to time. The weird thing, is that only one college has offered him a scholarship so far.

Our guess, is that it won't be long before the offers start pouring in.