Although Taylor Swift is young she's had tons of on-stage experience; despite that she still gets extremely nervous before major performances. Tonight is one of those nights. She will be performing on the MTV Video Music Awards show.

Taylor is expected to perform a song from her upcoming album 'RED'. Taylor says things like "don't mess this up" run through her mind before a major performance. She worries about having enough rehearsal time, making sure she knows her marks, and gets nervous and excited all at the same time.

Facing not just country music fans, who she knows love her, but the whole music industry is a little intimidating. I would think this is true especially for Swift; remember 2 years ago when Taylor was accepting her award and Kanye West stormed the stage? That would shake anyone's nerves. Taylor handled the situation with grace and I'm sure tonight's show will be no exception. I expect she will have a smooth ride and stellar performance as usual.

You can catch the awards on MTV tonight at 7 pm/central.

Check out Taylor's latest video for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and the promotional ad for tonight's show (it's pretty funny!).