Since Taylor Swift came on the scene just a few years ago she has done nothing but make a name for herself and country music, even crossing over successfully into the pop genre. She continues to surprise at every turn and with every new album, video or concert.  Her latest album is no different, making history by selling over 1 million copies in just it's first week out.

In the history of SoundScan, Taylor is the first woman to sell that amount of albums in a one week period.  She actually sold 1, 208,000 copies of her latest album 'Red'.

Taylor says this album is very personal and all mean something special to her.  She wrote or co-wrote all 16 songs on the album.

She also holds many other records for Billboard singles achievements and is making waves on the pop charts too.  Don't look for her to slow down and rely on her laurels though.  She's got a full schedule through the end of the year.

You can see Taylor performing on tonight's CMA Awards, the American Music Awards on November 18th and she's hosting the Grammy Nominations Concert in December, then she heads out on her 'Red' tour beginning in March of next year.

It's hard to believe she's so young and has such a level head on her shoulders and still seems to be in total awe and appreciation of everything she receives.  She loves her fans and seems to be a great role model for young women.  I may not be a huge fan of all of her songs, but then again, I'm not really her target audience either.  She's been a great addition to country music and I hope she continues to do well for years to come.