The Magazine in Your Doctor’s Office Can Make You Sick
During a visit to the doctor, we almost always grab a waiting-room magazine to take our mind off what's to come. But health officials say those very periodicals could pose a health risk and actually make people sick, particularly if they're left out for a lengthy period of time and ha…
Teens Call For the Ban of Photoshopping Models in Magazines [VIDEO]
Teen girls are very impressionable and when magazines, television and movies push a certain image of them it can sometimes turn dangerous. When girls want to look like the models in fashion magazines or on the runways and in other media they tend to turn to starvation or bulimia to make themselves …
Don’t Believe Those Magazine Photos [VIDEO]
I earlier posted some tips to help us all lose a little extra weight.  I'm guilty of this and you are probably as well, looking at magazines and thinking "I wish I could look like that"...but those photos are deceiving.