Watch David Akers Kick a History Making Field Goal
There aren't too many times that a NFL team will attempt a 63-yard field goal, since missing the difficult kick will result in great field position for the opposing team.
But with only seconds left in the first half in their game against the Green Bay Packers Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers didn't ha…
Abilene Ruff Riders Military Appreciation Night May 28th
What could be more American than some football and our military? The Abilene Ruff Riders have been on the road the last 3 weeks but this Memorial Day Monday they will be at home and celebrating our military.  Military Appreciation Night will be full of fun, football and give-a-ways.
Is Mike Leach Joining Washington State As Head Football Coach?
All the sports media outlets are saying YES, Mike Leach will be coaching in Washington next season. College football fans know who Mike Leach (who looks like Vince Gill to me) is others of you may not, so here's a little background. He is the former coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders and had…
Steve Young’s Flash Mob Birthday [VIDEO]
One Sunday afternoon in October, 2011, NFL Hall Of Fame quarterback, Steve Young, sat down to have a quite lunch with his family. That's what Steve thought, when all of a sudden one woman approaches him and begs him for his autograph. By the way the autograph seeker is a really good actress and she …
Pee-Wee Football Player Limited On Touchdowns [VIDEO]
A pee-wee league football player is so good the league has limited him to the number of touchdowns he can score in a game. It's a rule that was implemented before Demias by a player who Demias is being compared to, former Razorback QB Madre Hill. The rule is named after him.

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