10 Adorable Animals Trying to Play Soccer
The world's most popular sport isn't just for human. In addition to robots, animals are also quite smitten with the sport, perhaps because it doesn't require opposable thumbs. Whatever the reason, one thing's certain -- when animals get their paws on a soccer ball, d'awwwws …
Mama Elephant Saves Her Baby from Water Hole [VIDEO]
Seems that animals have instincts that allow them to do things you wouldn't think possible. Like these elephants in the video. The baby elephant, like human toddlers, has gotten it's self into a bit of a pickle. As usual though, it's mom to the rescue.
Heartwarming Baby Elephant Rescue May Leave You In Tears
The folks at the Amboseli Trust for Elephants in Kenya got a call that a baby elephant had fallen into a well. So they went out to rescue her. We know it seems like a lot of sitting and watching people try to wrap some rope around an elephant, but it's worth it for the big finish...