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Baby Names Will Reflect Pop Culture Not the Bible This Year
When naming a baby, something they will forever be stuck with, you want to get it right. Many people chose family names, others venture out on the creative limb, some follow celebrity trends and some choose a name with Biblical meaning. However, studies are showing that those Biblical names are wani…
What are the Most Popular Baby Names? [POLL]
The Social Security Office has released the most popular baby names for 2011. There were 10 boys names and 10 girls names listed. It seems that the names often reflect celebrity name trends. While "Elvis" was off the list in 2010 it was back in the top 1000 for 2011.
10 Baby Name Ideas For Celebrities
There was some confusion over what Beyonce and Jay-Z named their little bundle of joy, but in the end the couple went with the celebrity staple of choosing a non-traditional moniker, in this case calling her Blue Ivy Carter.
In that spirit, we thought it’d be a good idea to suggest some potential bab…