I'm going to be heading to the beach soon for vacation, that means lots of sun.  I was curious to find some clothing that would protect me from the sun and look cute at the same time.  What I found were some great online stores that sell just these types of clothing.

I am going to be laying on the beach and snorkeling but I'm pretty fair skinned so I need a little extra

protection from the sun. When snorkeling you have to be careful of the sunscreen you wear because the chemicals it contains can damage even kill the coral. So rash guards (sun protective t-shirts) are generally a must have. I also am looking for swimsuit cover-ups and cute sundresses. So here's what I found. Great websites with cute clothing that contain SPF sun protection.

This site is a little more pricey but they are recognized by the melanoma international foundation,

American academy of dermatology,and the skin cancer foundation.

This site is a company based out of Seattle. They have clothing for all occasions not just for the beach. They even have lightweight, protective gear for runners in the desert. Reminds me of Land's End clothing.

This site has clothing for infants up to adults. Even floatation swimwear for the little tots. They seem to have the best selection of rash guards I've seen. Very reasonably priced.

This site is more focused on beach wear but they do have a small selection of day wear for men and women and a huge selection of sun hats for all ages.

So now we can go outdoors in the beautiful sunshine be protected from the sun and look cute all at the same time.