Here in Abilene, it gets so hot during the summer, that the chickens lay hard boiled eggs and you can cook bacon on the sidewalk. Yes, I am exaggerating a bit, but it's really not much of a stretch. It's only May and we have already experienced 100 degree temperatures, which not only means we will be hot this summer, but so will our pets. Here are some summer tips to help keep your pet from getting too hot during the West Texas heat.

  • Don't Leave Your Pet in the Car

    This is pretty much a no brainer no matter if it's 100 degrees or even just 80 degrees. I see it all the time, pet owners leaving their pets in the car while they do their grocery shopping. If you are going to go shopping or run some other errands that requires you to leave your pet in the car, why even bring them? Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside a vehicle can still reach over 100 degrees in just minutes, and cause your pet to have heatstroke or brain damage. Check out the link below for signs of a pet with heatstroke.

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  • Plenty of Shade

    If you leave your pet outside, make sure your pet has plenty of shade. If you do not have any trees, a doghouse, or any other type of place for them to get some shade, you can buy a tarp, or even a tent, and provide them a place to stay cool in this West Texas heat.

  • Water, Water, and More Water

    No matter if you have outside or inside pets, they need lots of water. If you want, put a few ice cubes in there to make the water cooler. Check your pet's water bowl several times a day to make sure they have plenty of fresh water. If you take your pet for a walk or just out and about, take a water bottle for yourself and your pet. Whatever you do, just make sure your pet has plenty of water.

  • Exercise Your Pet In The Morning or Late at Night

    It's always a good idea to take your pet for a walk, but if you're going to do it during the summer time, you should do it either in the morning or late at night when the temperatures are cooler. Again, you'll want to take a bottle of water with you because even in the morning and night hours, the temperatures are still pretty warm.

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  • Put Sunscreen on Your Pet

    Yes, you can put sunscreen on dogs and cats. Your pet can get sunburned, especially on their ears and nose, plus, they can get skin cancer just like us. You can find sunscreen specifically for your pet, but any PABA sunscreen will work. Put the sunscreen on their nose, ears, and under belly if they like to lay around on their back a lot. If you have a short haired pet, you can put the sunscreen on their entire body.

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