The duo known as Sugarland made their stamp on country music in 2004 as a trio.  Back then the group included Sugarland founder Kristin Hall too.  By the release of their second album however, Kristin was gone and Sugarland became the duo as we know it today of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush. They've made their mark and Kristian says they have no plans of stopping now.Rumors have been flying that the duo might be splitting up but Kristian reassures that they are only taking a breather for personal and creative reasons.  Personal reasons include the fact that Nettles is due to give birth any day now, hopefully not before Thursday though, when they are scheduled to perform on the CMA Awards show. Creatively, Kristian has been traveling and working with musicians in other genres and countries for inspiration.

The two just finished their most recent tour 'In Your Hands' in August and Nettles has also been a judge and mentor on the TV show 'Duet' besides getting married and now expecting.  Kristian too has been working outside of Sugarland duties as a songwriter and collaborator.  He's worked with Jaida Dreyer and Boys Like Girls. The latter, a pop group who have been co-headlining a tour with The All-American Rejects.

It's good to know the duo isn't going anywhere, they have a unique sound that sets them apart and makes their music different and fresh.  It's like a marriage, I expect, being together so much of the time.  You have to give yourself a little growing room so you can bring new experiences to the table and breathe new life into your music.  I'm sure we will be seeing a new album in a year or so.  In the meantime you can watch the duo together this Thursday night during the CMA Awards show.