Simon Cowell has conquered the small screen in Europe as well as here in the states.  Maybe he has more to do than he can handle in one lifetime. Simon Cowell is a larger than life person who plans on having a second chance at life if scientifically possible.  He wants to be frozen when he dies.Cowell is 51 and already takes preventative measures against aging.  He has a weekly IV drip of vitamins C, B-12 and magnesium.  He claims it gives him energy for days afterwards and you can feel the effects of the vitamins going into your body. He eats healthy, drinking juices, smoothies, and eating oatmeal.

However, despite the healthy injections and diet he is also a chain smoker.

Cowell recently did an interview with GQ magazine and confessed he wants to be cryogenically frozen so he can be brought back to life if it ever becomes possible, and he thinks it's a very real possibility.

Cowell says if it happens it happens and if it doesn't no big deal.  But if there is a chance for a second life then he wants to be ready to take it.

For more information on cryogenic/cryonic freezing see my past blog about the founder of cryonics, Robert Ettinger. Ettinger recently passed away at the age of 92 and had himself frozen.

Think he will button his shirt up in his next life?  Seriously!!