I have decorated cakes for friends and family since I was in high school. However, I was self-taught, no formal training, so my cakes were cute but they weren't too fancy. I've wanted to learn to do flowers, roses and fondant. I just finished my second Wilton Cake Decorating class and made my first cake!

There are 4 courses and each course is 4 two-hour classes. The first class we practiced on some cookies, last night we actually decorated a cake and next week we will do cupcakes.

You learn to make your own icing, tricks of the trade, some cool baking tips and more. I used to use canned icing and just added color for whatever I needed, but I've learned now that there are different consistencies of icing for different techniques. That's why I never could do roses, my icing was too soft.

The classes are small; 12 is usually the maximum. My mom and I signed up for the class together but another friend just happens to be in the class too so we are having a great time and our families and co-workers are reaping the benefits of our hard work.

Check out some of the photos from our class. If you would like to learn to decorate cakes or take any other great classes offered at Michael's see their website for more details.