The Mayor's 5k/10K/Family Fun Run was held over the weekend in downtown Abilene. I decided I was going to give it a go and see how I did. I didn't ask anyone to do it with me as I had a personal goal in mind.

The event is part of the Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness which was established in 2008 to get people in Abilene moving. I used to be pretty active in my younger days; I took tap dance classes, kickboxing, and did some boot camp classes too. However, over the last 10 or so years, I've become sedentary and put on a few pounds. I'm trying to do better now and this was a first step toward getting myself moving more.

I did the Run or Dye event a year ago, but it was with friends and we did it for fun. We didn't have a time or goal so to speak in finishing it, we just wanted to do it for the fun. So this time I set out with a goal of wanting to finish a 5K within 45 minutes.

I took a few photos as I was walk/jogging. Many of those who did the 10K lapped me and finished ahead of me but that's ok. I'm just happy I made it.

Shay Hill

As you can see I almost made it. I was within 5 minutes of my projected goal so I was pretty happy. I finished in 49.52. I felt a sense of accomplishment. Now the next one I do I will shoot for that 45...and make it!

Shay Hill