Every artist has their 'day' before they become old news. Remember Shania Twain? Before her was a guy named Garth Brooks? Now it's Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. Shania Twain's album "Up!" is celebrating 10 years this month but Shania herself has faded from the spotlight.

Ten years ago you couldn't watch a country or pop for that matter, music show without Shania dominating. You couldn't turn on the TV or radio period, without Shania's name being attached in some way. Shania faded from the spotlight, moved to Switzerland and little was heard from her until her headlining divorce from husband/manager Mutt Lange a few years ago. Then she was picked to star in a reality show but that fizzled out pretty fast, seems no one was interested in Miss Twain any longer. Having said that, she did have some great music and that lives on.

You may remember that Shania's camp had some genius marketing people on the payroll, mostly husband/manager Mutt. The album "Up!" was not only marketed to country but also to pop and international audiences as well. The international album was blue, the pop album red and the country version green. It was a two-disc, 19 song event. I say 'event' because the album was certified diamond with over 10-million sold and was Top 5 in 13 different countries.

Rumors have been heard that she is tossing around ideas for a new album, we will keep an eye out for details and let you know.

Shania Twain "Up!"