This is just about the most stupid thing I've ever heard.  Schools are being forced to change their mascots for various reasons usually because of political correctness.  McMurry University right here in Abilene was forced to change it's long time mascot "Indians" to "Warhawks" or not be recognized by the NCAA.  Now a school, on it's own volition has chosen not to name themselves the "cougars" because it might offend women.

When I initially ran across this story, I thought "this has to be a joke".  I hit the web to do a little more research and well it's not a joke, it's absolutely fact.

Corner Canyon High School is a new high school being built in Draper, Utah.  The school is set to open next year and they wanted students to vote for their favorite mascot, have some say in what they would be known as four the next 4 years.  Well the students voted and actually wanted to be known as the Cougars. The largest university in Utah BYU are the Cougars so it kind of made sense that the high school wanted to be named the same.

Diamondbacks, Falcons , Chargers, Broncos and Raptors were among a list of names that were being voted on, the list also included Cougars.  That's what the students chose, but when it went to the administrators for approval it was shot down because it is believed that some single women over the age of 40 might be offended by the name.  Really, you morons? You are not going to name your school after an animal because some woman on the prowl might get their feelings hurt thinking it refers to them.

Needless to say the administrators nixed the vote of the students and decided the school mascot would be the Chargers.  So there you go democracy at it's best.  You can vote but it won't matter, we will make the decision ourselves.

Where do we draw the line on political correctness anyway? I personally think we've gone WAY overboard with it and we have to stop this asinine mentality.   (Hope I didn't offend anyone with MY opinion)

What are your thoughts?