The premise of this story is this:  We blog everyday however, Thursday our internet was down and we couldn't do anything, much less blog.  Well being the smartalic that I am I blogged anyway,the old fashioned way...with pen and paper and turned it in to our internet guru.  He found it quite amusing so I decided to share it with you as well.  Here is the blog I wrote that day.I'm eating a banana and it got me to thinking who was the first to try different fruits and vegetables.  We know Adam & Eve ate the apple and you see what kind of trouble that caused!!  So who tried the first orange, banana, papya, mango or even vegetables like tomatoes?  We all know some berries are poisonous to eat so who was the brave person who tried these first?

Knowing my friends they would say, "Hey Shay try this and tell us what you think", then if I didn't keel over they would try it too!  I have great friends!

This was just a random thought I had while sitting here.  Now you know what it's like to be in my head.