So a couple of nights ago we had a very angry boy in the house because his PlayStation wouldn't work.  This was during the storms so we chalked it up to just power problems.  Well turns out the network has been hacked.As of today, the Sony corporation was trying to figure out if any credit card numbers and personal information had been stolen.  Over 75 million users were booted offline due to the hacking.

A posting on the official PlayStation blog Monday by Patrick Seybold, Sony senior director of corporate communications and social media, gave no indication when PlayStation Network service might return.

Sony is currently working to strengthen their infrastructure network.  You can still play games offline but you can't play against others on the network online.  So this is what we resorted to, playing the game by yourself.
The hackers haven't been caught yet but I can tell you their are some angry gamers out there.  Hope they get this up and running again soon.