Women face a daily struggle with image issues and most of the time it deals with weight. Media has a lot to do with those images too. Because of what we see on TV, in magazines and on the runway we all think that a size 2 is what we need to be. That's just not even realistic and that needs to change, especially here in the US.

A Swedish company has come out with mannequins that are more realistic in size than what we see in the U.S., unless you are specifically in a 'plus size' store. That is also a problem. Most 'plus size' stores start at a size 14, yet that is the 'average' size of a woman in the U.S.; so why is that considered a plus size.

The mannequins are a little thicker around the middle and the thighs are a little more meaty. They actually have curves! Photos of these mannequins have gone viral after being posted on the Women's Rights News  Facebook page and women are loving them even saying the U.S. needs to invest in more of these.

I agree. What are your thoughts; would you like to see stores use more realistic mannequins to model the clothing?