Where does it end?  Now a school in Philadelphia has banned students from wearing Ugg boots to class.  You won't believe the reason why.Pottstown Middle School in Philadelphia has ruled that you can't wear Ugg boots to class.  Now  the reason isn't that the shoes are just plain ugly but because kids are hiding their cell phones in the boots and taking them to class.

They have a previous rule that no cell phones are allowed in the classroom, you can have them at school but they must stay in your locker during school hours.  And they say you can wear the boots to school but you must remove them before class.

What?  What WON'T  you be able to wear next?  Girls, no bras because you can hide your phone in there!  Sometimes I think that common sense is dead.  We are being ruled and regulated to death.

So what is your opinion on this; is the school right in their decision or do think they have gone a little far?