The Dallas Mavericks have a great team this year and others are taking notice.  After last nights win over the Miami Heat to clench the NBA title the Dallas team have been made honorary Ohioans by the states Governor. The sad (or funny) thing here is that Ohio is Miami Heat player LeBron James' home state.  The Governor recognized the team for it's loyalty, teamwork and integrity.  Something else he pointed out

was Dirk Nowitzki loyalty to his team, the one he's has played with since day one, even though he was a free agent and could have moved on, he didn't.  That can't be said about Ohio's LeBron James who ditched the Cleveland  Cavaliers in a controversial move to Miami.  He lost a lot of fans and respect for  pulling that move.

I think it was a nice gesture of the Governor.  I'm not sure if his intentions were more to congratulate and honor the great work of the Mavericks team or to take a jab at LeBron James.  Nonetheless, it was nice honor for the Dallas TEAM!!