I'm headed to the beach this summer so I've been checking out some new digital cameras.  I have one but I would like to be able to take it in the water with me.  I would love to be able to take some underwater pictures that don't look fuzzy and distorted.  I've used the disposable water cameras in the past and they are alright but I would love to take my digital camera down so you can zoom in or out and get clearer, better pictures and not ruin the camera.  They now have those cameras available and reasonable prices too.  They aren't anymore expensive than your basic digital camera.  Most of the top brands have their own waterproof line.  Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Samsung,  Kodak and Pentax all have digital waterproofs.

1.  Olympus Tough Series

This camera is  made for extreme conditions.  Hot, cold, wet, snowy you name it this camera is built to

handle the extremes.  They generally are anywhere from $200-$400 dollars depending on all the features you want.  In my case the one I've looked at is capable of taking underwater pictures up to 16ft deep.  It also has HD movie, Wi-Fi, 3D photo and Tap capabilities.  It's called the TG-610 comes in a variety of colors and is about $300.  Check out more details of the Tough series on the Olympus website.

2.  Pentax Optio WG

This camera again is like the Olympus in that it is made for extreme conditions.  The Optio WG also has

a version that includes GPS.  It is waterproof up to 33ft.  and also has video capability.  There is an internal LED for lighting, comes in a few different colors and has digital shake reduction for clear, still photos.  This one goes for about $400.  A little steep for a digital camera but it looks cool!!  More details on the Pentax website.

3.  Fuji FinePix XP30

The FinePix XP30 is the new line from Fuji.  It is waterproof, freezeproof, dustproof and shockproof.

These are same features as the others, it also has a GPS version as well.  Comes is bright fun colors and is waterproof up to 16 ft. , LED lights, rubber slip-proof grip, a folded zoom lens, stabilization, and HDTV picture and video compatibility and it's small and compact.  This camera will run you around $200.  All of the features can be found on Fuji's website.

4.  Sony Cyber-shot TX5

The Sony camera is ultra thin, at only 3/4" it easily slips into your pocket.  It is waterproof up to 10ft.

This camera also has a touch screen where you can easily scroll through your pics.  Also a feature this camera has the others don't is a "panoramic mode", you simply press the button and sweep the camera shoots the pics and stitches them together so you can take seamless landscape photos.  This one will run you about $300.  Sony's website has all the details.

5. Canon PowerShot D10

Canon is a great name in photography equipment the PowerShot D10 camera is their waterproof

version.  This one is similar to the Pentax in that is is waterproof up to 33ft.  This camera has "blink detection" to alert you that someone in your photo has blinked and it also has an AUTO intelligent mode that has 18 predetermined settings for easier shooting.  The PowerShot will run about $300.  For more details check their website.

After researching all of these I would love to have the Pentax Optio WG however at $400 a pop I don't think this will happen.  I'm seriously looking at the Olympus Tough Series.  If you have any of these cameras and have any advice please let a girl know!!